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Life is more than that

Dusty Year Bloggy

It has been a year I haven't updated this blog since I am busy with my tumblr now. It's easier for me to upload or post something, but it is not as cool as blogger. I mean,the picture arrangements. Ppfftt.


Hello people!

Well, it seems like my health shows no sign of getting better, so I went to the doctor's again. So this time, the doctor gave me antibiotic because it is almost over a month, so she said, if my health isn't getting better by the time I've finished the antibiotics, I have to go back again to have a blood test. 

Blood test. The scariest think I've could imagined. I never liked my veins to be poked and my blood to be sucked out. It is worse than getting a shot.

How's work?

This term, I'm getting a lower level. Lower level means very limited use of English vocab. And, they are all adults. Much older than me, obviously. When I was studying, the good time to acquire language is before puberty. So, this means, after puberty, the learner will face difficulties in understanding and comprehending. The older you get, the more difficulty you will face. It is not that they are not smart. It's a biological thing. Of course sometimes I feel demotivated, but hey, that is what a teacher does, right? To teach. Yes, I am now learning more ways to make my class interesting. I hope I will be a good teacher for my students. Regardless how old they are.

P/s : Teacher teaches. Teacher educates. Teacher shares. Teachers inspire

Cun June

Yeayy... The day that I have been waiting for since the first day I stepped in ELS, has finally arrived! The end of month!! Wooohooo...!! It is not about the paycheck because I can only get mine next week. It's the procedure they say. So, I have to wait patiently I say....  Anyways, my 1  month contract has ended, now, they are offering me for the next month. Alhamdulillah.

The first month was hell, so the next month I will get 3 hours of class daily. It consists of 2 hours of SSP class. This subject was hell for me. So, I got to teach Level 101 which is the basic level. Crossing my fingers to teach this! And 1 hour of VE class. And, the third week I will be taking over Jennifer's class because she has to go to the US. So, it will start with 3 hours and then, 4 hours.

I hope I'm doing better in June.

P/s : Still having flu and cough.


Crying. Am tired to be sick. I'm tired of shoving meds and other alternatives into my throat. I'm tired of this flu, fever, sore-throat and phlegm. And vomiting. Who is taking care of me? ME! Who is feeding me? ME! Because no one does.

Can I spray this into my mouth instead of meds?

P/s : May is HELL

Sick..... Again

This is the first time ever in my life that I fell sick twice in a month. The month of May is literally a living hell for me. A new job, new environment, new level of students, surprise here, surprise there, downfall here, downfall there. Haih.

Is the horoscope shit really works? I mean, I read about the year of 2014 which is the year of Horse, will be more and more obstacles. Up until now, I really can sense it does true. Or maybe a coincident. I'm trying to not to believe in supershitous. 

P/s : I am sick of getting sick. It makes me sick. 


I can say that this month is really a tough month for me. Working in a new place which have to do sacrifices. Yes. More than just one. But, not to sacrifice a virgin to to a hocus-pocus things la. Aiyak. Here, the sacrifice is time and money.

Remember how I struggled to teach the level is higher than my personal level? Yeah, that particular subject has been taken out since I was so damn stressed about it. Yes, they listened. Yes, it is not a punishment they said. It is not fair for me they said. Well, on my professional view, yes, I am ok if they take that subject away from me. But, personal and money POV? I'm a bit distracted and terasa. Yelah, they have to cut some of the original amount. But, if you can't teach and it is jeopardizing your students, why not? Remember in Sols, when they say "Don't cling onto something forever because you do not know when that something is taken away from you"? Yeah. At least, you have half of it. At least, you have some money earned. At least, you learned that teaching is not an easy job. At least, you have the opportunity to be part of the organisation. At least, you have some experience on it. At least, your way of teaching, of preparing a lesson has changed. At least, you can feel the satisfaction at the end of class. Remember what you have learned in CTC? "What you plant is what you harvest". It is now the time for me to put the two puzzles together, and stay strong to face it. Learn to not to run away anymore. Learn to cry and accept the challenge. After all, this is what you always wanted, right Sara?

Enough crying. Let's face the music. Let's teach. Let's put more experience, more skills into your life. Let's be strong and move forward.

P/s : Allah will not test us with the things that we can't bear.